Ray Bauduc Collection

Raymond "Ray" Bauduc (1909-1988) was a New Orleans-born drummer who became one of the most successful drum stylists of the swing era, performing with The Scranton Sirens, Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang, the Ben Pollack Orchestra, and especially the Bob Crosby Orchestra, where he was featured in a ‘band within a band,’ the Bob Cats (pictured). Bauduc was an avid amateur photographer as well, and his collection contains his own work, as well as abroad coverage of the bands and performers with which he was associated.

His stint with the Bob Crosby Orchestra brought him national fame. He co-composed, together with bassist Bob Haggart, the two big hits that the Bob Crosby orchestra achieved: "South Rampart Street Parade" (a pseudo New Orleans parade-type number first recorded in November 1937), and "Big Noise from Winnetka" (a bass and drums duet with Haggart, recorded in 1938).