In 2014, abiding friend, researcher, and patron of the Archive from Sweden, Björn Bärnheim, finalized a generous donation to set up an endowed fund for the Hogan Jazz Archive.  Rather than translate his intentions and motivation for the donation for him, here is a quote from a brief statement that he supplied:

Since my first trip to New Orleans in July 1967 I’ve had the good fortune to visit the Hogan Jazz Archive, and over the years it has become the highlight of my visits to the city. It has always been a great thrill to have a look into the fabulous collection that preserves the rich heritage of the music tradition of New Orleans and its performers.   My donation can be seen as a little ‘repayment’ for the warm hospitality and excellent service I have received from the staff at the archive and most of all I hope that the collection will be preserved and improved so that coming generations will have the same opportunity as I have had on my more than thirty visits to New Orleans and the Hogan Jazz Archive.

The funds generated will be used to endow a research fellowship in his name, to further various preservation and access digitization initiatives, and to help sponsor symposia that will promote knowledge of the history of New Orleans jazz. Interested parties can contribute to the Björn Bärnheim endowed fund by clicking the Donate to the Hogan Jazz Archive Icon at the bottom of the page.