Music Scores

The Hogan Jazz Archive has an extensive collection of sheet music and orchestrations from the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Only a small percentage of pieces have been cataloged, and those holdings are searchable from the search box above. The vast majority of the collection is only accessible by title via a print card catalog located in the Hogan Jazz Archive reading room. Only one collection, The Louisiana Sheet Music Collection, has been digitized in full and is now available through the Tulane Digital Library. The Louisiana Sheet Music Collection is comprised of sheet music published in, or with topical relevance to, Louisiana. Many important local composers are represented, including Basile Bares, Eugene Chassaignac, Edouard Dejan and Louis Moreau Gottschalk. The collection covers 100 years in the history of local publishing (1838-1938) and represents a wide range of styles of popular and vernacular music.
Although not digitized, one of the most significant collections of the Hogan Jazz Archive is the John Robichaux Performance Library of Sheet Music and Orchestrations. Robichaux, a classically trained violinist originally from Thibodaux, came to New Orleans and became one of the most popular figures in New Orleans music at the turn of the century. While these pieces are all integrated into the general sheet music collection, one can consult a document online that lists all of the titles in the collection. The Panzeri Collection also has a document that can be viewed online. Two other collections, the Maxwell Sheet Music Collection and the Tosso Sheet Music Collection, have searchable, online finding aids that can be accessed via the links below.

Digitized Sheet Music Collections
Louisiana Sheet Music Collection
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Maxwell Sheet Music Collection
Tosso Sheet Music Collection